Funding the World's Most Import Research / Annual Report 2015

Our Heroes and Events

Thanks to all of you who have devoted your time, energy and money to supporting Cure Alzheimer’s Fund. You organized races, golf and tennis tournaments, concerts, art sales, parties and more, all to raise money for Alzheimer’s research. And your efforts were a huge success—together you raised more than $323,800 in 2015!


Running 4 Answers Race and Fun Run

Roseland, N.J.

“Each year, I tell our participants, ‘Today, while you are out on the course, think of those you love. Remember those who may not remember you. Be inspired by your own ability to do whatever you deem important enough to do.’” 

—Carolyn Mastrangelo


The Gang Family Gives Back

New Jersey

“The advances made by Cure Alzheimer’s Fund researchers are amazing. Their willingness to share their findings openly with the world scientific community should be applauded.” 

—Michael Gang


Fifth-Grade Fundraiser

Evans, Ga.

“It’s great to see how these students are learning at a young age the importance of research and how contributing can help. They raised more than $1,200. I am so proud of them.”

—Teacher Britni Watts, Martinez Elementary School


3rd Annual Dick Hollander Golf Open

Laytonsville, Md.

“We raised a lot of funds in honor of a great man for a great cause and we know our grandfather would be proud of the work we’ve done. Still, we would trade it all to have him back.” 

—Josh Akman


$30 for 30th Birthday Fundraiser 


“[On my 30th birthday,] I asked my family and friends to donate $30, or whatever they could, to fund Alzheimer’s research. I wanted to raise awareness for the disease and raise money for such an important cause.” 

—Stefane Desmond


Mom and Son Run OC Half Marathon

Long Beach, Calif.

“I am dedicated to raising awareness for this devastating disease that affects so many families, including my own.” 

—Ethan Lam


Rotary Golf Tournament 

Pottstown, Pa.

“We lost my sister-in-law to Alzheimer’s. We wanted to support Cure Alzheimer’s Fund and we hope more Rotary Clubs will do so as well.” 

—Dick Cuff


Philadelphia Golf Tournament


“This illness hit our family like a hurricane. I was frustrated by the ineffectiveness of the drugs my dad had been given. When I searched online for possible drugs that might be in the research pipeline, I stumbled upon Cure Alzheimer’s Fund’s website. The next day I was on the phone with Tim Armour, president and CEO of Cure Alzheimer’s Fund, asking what I could do to help.” 

—Cathy Ingham


A Climb to Remember 

Mont Blanc, France

“I was very impressed by the backgrounds of the founders and Research Consortium, and their track record of delivering meaningful results by way of a repeatable, private equity approach to finding a cure for Alzheimer’s. I believe we all have an authentic self that is designed to do something bigger than ourselves by way of helping others less fortunate.” 

—Jeff Madden