Funding the World's Most Import Research / Annual Report 2015

Message from the President

Dear Friends,

The summary of our 2015 report could be simply, “we doubled the amount of money we put into research in 2015 from 2014!” That’s a huge headline, of which we are very proud—and very grateful to all of you for making it possible.

The emphasis at Cure Alzheimer’s Fund is on growth—the significant increase in the amount of money you and our Board have allowed us to “invest” in innovative research; the huge growth in contributions (compound annual growth rate of 17% for 2013 through 2015); and our organization’s growing capacity to sustain and accelerate our ability to end Alzheimer’s much faster than if CAF did not exist. These are all wonderful things. 

But some things don’t change. We are committed to the same principles now as we were when our founders started Cure Alzheimer’s Fund in 2004. Succinctly, these are:

  1. We will focus our energy on innovative, therapy-oriented research into the causes and progression of Alzheimer’s disease with the single objective of ending Alzheimer’s within this generation.
  2. We will fund the research of the world’s leading Alzheimer’s scientists, with a quick decision process on the basis of rolling admissions, allowing the researchers to focus on science instead of cumbersome administrative tasks.
  3. Our Board will cover all operating costs so that all donations from everyone else will go directly to research. As our organization grows to provide more funding for research, this principle becomes a more challenging task for our Board. However, each year the Board reaffirms its commitment to this key tenet, and it has no intention of relenting.
  4. We will continue to be transparent about how our donors’ money is spent, the nature of the research we fund and the results of that funding over time.
  5. We are committed to supporting collaborative research among the best Alzheimer’s researchers in the world to end the disease as quickly as possible.

What’s next?

The researchers Cure Alzheimer’s Fund has supported over the last eleven years have made huge contributions toward ending Alzheimer’s. But the disease is still with us. We are closer to ending it, but it is still claiming the “self” and lives of way too many of us. We will keep doing everything we can to accelerate the research that will contribute to this disease’s demise. 

With each answered question we are closer, but each answer requires more resources, more collaboration and continued commitment. The science is “bigger” now—no one researcher, lab or organization can do this alone. 

But together we can


Tim Armour
President and CEO