Message from the President

Dear Friends,

The momentum continues from our sensational 2015 year of growth in the amount of money our board and donors were able to commit to research. In 2016 we “invested” an impressive 35% growth in funding of innovative research ($13.5 million in 2016); and experienced a 33% growth in contributions from the previous year ($15.6 million in 2016).  

Our co-chairs, Jeff Morby and Henry McCance, have documented our research leadership elsewhere in this report highlighting the impact of the combined efforts of founders, board members, staff, donors and researchers. A full description of the research we funded in 2016 is available in our Research Annual and online at  

We are deeply grateful to the generous donors who have made this continuing success possible. In 2016 alone, we enjoyed the support of more than 11,000 donors to fund 56 research grants with 58 researchers from 32 institutions in the United States and abroad. 

Our continued success is the result of adherence to a few basic principles.

  1. We seek and focus on only the best science to find the fastest and most effective ways to lead to treatments of Alzheimer’s disease. We believe that there can be no “cure” without understanding the “cause,” and we are committed to contributing knowledge to the field about the pathology of the disease in order to hasten the development of effective therapies.
  2. We heed the call of the science; we don’t direct it. We believe in identifying the best minds in Alzheimer’s research, and providing them with the tools to follow their best judgment to unravel the mysteries of Alzheimer’s disease.
  3. We believe in results over process. While upholding the highest standards of scientific integrity among the researchers we fund, we work hard to eliminate needless and cumbersome bureaucracy and process that slow research progress.
  4. Supporting point No. 3, we allow for idiosyncratic organization and process within our foundation and among our researchers. We do not strive to be like every other organization, but to organize ourselves and allow our researchers to go about their work in ways we all together believe will produce the best results.
  5. We embrace risk. We are not risk seekers, but we eschew incrementalism and cautious improvement in favor of bold breakthroughs. 

The more than $50 million in research grants awarded by Cure Alzheimer’s Fund has brought us all closer to relieving the suffering of Alzheimer’s disease. We are not there yet—we have much very hard work left to do, and we need all the help we can get.

To all those who have brought us this far, thank you. And to those who will join us, welcome.