Andrew S. Yoo, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Department of Developmental Biology
Washington University School of Medicine

Andrew Yoo is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Developmental Biology at Washington University School of Medicine. He did his Ph.D. work in the laboratory of Dr. Iva Greenwald at Columbia University, followed by postdoctoral work with Dr. Gerald Crabtree at Stanford University. He has a long standing interest in understanding genetic pathways that specify cell fates during development, and currently studies the role of microRNAs in regulating the activity of chromatin remodeling complexes during neural development and conversion of non-neuronal cells into neurons. Dr. Yoo’s work is supported by the awards from NIH Director’s New Innovator Award, the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers, the Ellison Medical Foundation and the Edward J. Mallinckrodt Jr. Foundation.

Funded Research

Project Description Researchers Funding
Modeling Neuronal Aging in Specific Subtypes of Human Neurons by MicroRNA-Mediated Neuronal Reprogramming

The ability to derive and grow human neurons in tissue culture from elderly individuals will offer invaluable tools to study how advancing aging, the strongest risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease, affects neuronal properties later in life. My research team developed an experimental approach to convert (reprogram) skin fibroblast cells from human individuals directly into neurons without the usual requirement of reverting the cells back to stem cell stages.

2016 to 2017