George S. Bloom, Ph.D.

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Professor of Biology and Cell Biology, University of Virginia

Associate Editor, Cytoskeleton

Dr. Bloom obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 1973 and his Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania in 1979. He then completed two postdoctoral fellowships: from 1979–1980 at the University of North Carolina’s Cancer Research Center, and from 1980–1984 at the Worcester Foundation for Experimental Biology, where his longstanding interest in neuronal cell biology was initiated in the laboratory of Dr. Richard Vallee. After finishing his postdoctoral training in 1984, Dr. Bloom joined the faculty of the Department of Cell Biology at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, where he remained until his move to the University of Virginia in 2000.


Funded Research

Project Description Researchers Funding
Cell Cycle Re-entry in 3-D Human Neuron Cultures

The well-known behavioral symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) are caused by the loss of connections, or synapses, among neurons that control memory and cognition, and by the death of those neurons. A major goal of our labs is to unravel the seminal molecular pathways that convert normal healthy neurons into neurons that will die long before the AD patients themselves.

2015 to 2016

Structural and Functional Analysis of Novel Abeta and Tau Oligomers Using Conformation-Specific Monoclonal Antibodies

The goal of this project is to determine which oligomers of Abeta and Tau are most damaging and whether specific antibodies can prevent formation of those oligomers.


Selected Publications

These published papers resulted from Cure Alzheimer’s Fund support.
Andrés Norambuena, Horst Wallrabe, Lloyd McMahon, Antonia Silva, Eric Swanson, Shahzad S. Khan, Daniel Baerthlein, Erin Kodis, Salvatore Oddo, James W. Mandell, George S. Bloom, mTOR and neuronal cell cycle reentry: How impaired brain insulin signaling promotes Alzheimer's disease, Alzheimer's & Dementia, 13(2), Feb 2017, 152-167
Norambuena A, Wallrabe H, McMahon L, Silva A, Swanson E, Khan SS, Baerthlein D, Kodis E, Oddo S, Mandell JW, Bloom GS, mTOR and neuronal cell cycle reentry: How impaired brain insulin signaling promotes Alzheimer's disease, Alzheimer's & Dementia, 29 Sep 2016
Shahzad S. Khan and George S. Bloom, Tau: The Center of a Signaling Nexus in Alzheimer's Disease, Frontiers in Neuroscience, February 2016
Nussbaum, JM; Schilling, S; Cynis, H; Silva, A; Swanson, E; Wangsanut, T; Tayler, K; Wiltgen, B; Hatami, A; Ronicke, R; Reymann, K; Hutter-Paier, B; Alexandru, A; Jagla, W; Graubner, S; Glabe, CG; Demuth, HU; Bloom, GS, Prion-like behaviour and tau-dependent cytotoxicity of pyroglutamylated amyloid-β, Nature, 485, May 2, 2012, 651-655