Phil Haydon, Ph.D.

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Annetta and Gustav Grisard Professor of Neuroscience, Sackler School of Graduate Biomedical Sciences

Philip Haydon received his B.Sc. (Hons; 1979) and Ph.D. (1982) from the University of
Leeds, England.  He performed postdoctoral studies at the University of Iowa (1982-
1986) and then became a faculty member Iowa State University (1986-2001).
Subsequently he moved to the University of Pennsylvania as Professor and Vice-Chair of
Neuroscience and has recently been appointed Annetta and Gustav Grisard Professor and
Chair of Neuroscience at Tufts University School of Medicine, Boston (2008). He has
received numerous prestigious awards including a McKnight Investigator Award and the
Jacob Javits Award from the NINDS. His research focuses on the investigation of
neuron-glial interactions and how astrocytes regulate neuronal networks and sleep related

Dr. Haydon is currently funded for 2011 for his work on "Development of UDP analogs for the treatment of AD".


Funded Research

Project Description Researchers Funding
The Development of UDP Analogs for the Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease

The goal of this project is to collaborate with a medicinal chemist to design, synthesize and test the efficacy of third-generation small molecules that will activate glial receptors. The most efficacious molecules then will be tested for their ability to reverse plaque burden in mouse models of Alzheimer’s disease.