Published Papers

Cure Alzheimer’s Fund is proud to present a list of published papers resulting from our research grants. The researchers we have funded have published nearly 200 papers, which have been cited over 10,300 times. The work reflected in these papers has helped us to better understand Alzheimer’s and find ways to intervene that may lead to slowing or reversing the disease. We thank all the researchers and lab personnel for their dedication and commitment to the common mission of ending this disease, and we congratulate them for the important work they are doing. We also are grateful to our donors, who have made this work possible. Without your support and generosity, these papers and the forward momentum they represent would not exist.


Fargol Mazaheri, Nicolas Snaidero, Gernot Kleinberger, Charlotte Madore, Anna Daria, Georg Werner, Susanne Krasemann, Anja Capell, Dietrich Trümbach, Wolfgang Wurst, Bettina Brunner, Sebastian Bultmann, Sabina Tahirovic, Martin Kerschensteiner, Thomas Misgeld, Oleg Butovsky, Christian Haass, TREM2 deficiency impairs chemotaxis and microglial responses to neuronal injury, EMBO Reports, 8 May 2017
Justin T. Rogers, Chia-Chen Liu, Na Zhao, Jian Wang, Travis Putzke, Longyu Yang, Mitsuru Shinohara, John D. Fryer, Takahisa Kanekiyo, Guojun Bu, Subacute ibuprofen treatment rescues the synaptic and cognitive deficits in advanced-aged mice, Neurobiology of Aging, 53, May 2017, 112-121
Jason D. Ulrich, Tyler K. Ulland, Marco Colonna, and David M. Holtzman, Elucidating the Role of TREM2 in Alzheimer’s Disease, Neuron, 94, 19 Apr 2017, 237-248
Paul Temkin, Wade Morishita, Debanjan Goswami, Kristin Arendt, Lu Chen, Robert Malenka, The Retromer Supports AMPA Receptor Trafficking During LTP, Neuron, 94(1), 5 Apr 2017, 74–82
L Ashley Watson, Li-Huei Tsai, In the loop: how chromatin topology links genome structure to function in mechanisms underlying learning and memory, Current Opinion in Neurobiology, 43, April 2017, 48-55
Wilbur Song, Basavaraj Hooli, Kristina Mullin, Sheng Chih Jin, Marina Cella, Tyler K. Ulland, Yaming Wang, Rudolph E. Tanzi, Marco Colonna, Alzheimer's disease-associated TREM2 variants exhibit either decreased or increased ligand-dependent activation, Alzheimer's & Dementia, 13(4), Apr 2017, 381–387
Bevan S. Main, Myles R. Minter, Microbial Immuno-Communication in Neurodegenerative Diseases, Frontiers in Neuroscience, 11, 23 Mar 2017, 151
Heide Loehlein Fier, Dmitry Prokopenko, Julian Hecker, Michael H. Cho, Edwin K. Silverman, Scott T. Weiss, Rudolph E. Tanzi, Christoph Lange, On the association analysis of genome-sequencing data: A spatial clustering approach for partitioning the entire genome into nonoverlapping windows, Genetic Epidemiology, 41(4), 20 Mar 2017, 332–340
Jerrah K. Holth, Thomas E. Mahan, Grace O. Robinson, Andreia Rocha, David M. Holtzman, Altered sleep and EEG power in the P301S Tau transgenic mouse model, Ann Clin Transl Neurol, 4(3), 15 Feb 2017, 180-190
William J. Netzer, Karima Bettayeb, Subhash C. Sinha, Marc Flajolet, Paul Greengard, and Victor Bustos, Gleevec shifts APP processing from a β-cleavage to a nonamyloidogenic cleavage, PNAS, 114(6), 7 Feb 2017, 1389–1394
Andrés Norambuena, Horst Wallrabe, Lloyd McMahon, Antonia Silva, Eric Swanson, Shahzad S. Khan, Daniel Baerthlein, Erin Kodis, Salvatore Oddo, James W. Mandell, George S. Bloom, mTOR and neuronal cell cycle reentry: How impaired brain insulin signaling promotes Alzheimer's disease, Alzheimer's & Dementia, 13(2), Feb 2017, 152-167
Randolph M. Nesse, Caleb E. Finch, and Charles L. Nunn, Does selection for short sleep duration explain human vulnerability to Alzheimer’s disease?, Evol Med Public Health, 2017(1), 24 Jan 2017, 39-46
Dylan Kwart, Dominik Paquet, Shaun Teo and Marc Tessier-Lavigne, Precise and efficient scarless genome editing in stem cells using CORRECT, Nature Protocols, 12, 19 Jan 2017, 329–354
Pierre De Rossi, Virginie Buggia-Prevot, Robert J Andrew, Sofia V Krause, Elizabeth Woo, Peter T Nelson, Peter Pytel, Gopal Thinakaran, BIN1 localization is distinct from Tau tangles in Alzheimer’s disease, Matters, 12 Jan 2017
S. Veugelen, M. Dewilde, B. De Strooper, L. Chávez-Gutiérrez, Chapter Three - Screening and Characterization Strategies for Nanobodies Targeting Membrane Proteins, Methods in Enzymology, 584, 2017, 59–97
Juan Domingo Gispert, Gemma C. Monté, Marc Suárez-Calvet, Carles Falcon, Alan Tucholka, Santiago Rojas, Lorena Rami, Raquel Sánchez-Valle, Albert Lladó, Gernot Kleinberger, Christian Haass, José Luis Molinuevo, The APOE ε4 genotype modulates CSF YKL-40 levels and their structural brain correlates in the continuum of Alzheimer's disease but not those of sTREM2, Alzheimer's & Dementia: Diagnosis, Assessment & Disease Monitoring, 6, 2017, 50-59


Michael W. Weiner, Dallas P. Veitch, Paul S. Aisen, Laurel A. Beckett, Nigel J. Cairns, Robert C. Green, Danielle Harvey, Clifford R. Jack Jr., William Jagust, John C. Morris, Ronald C. Petersen, Jennifer Salazar, Andrew J. Saykin, Leslie M. Shaw, Arthur W. Toga, John Q. Trojanowski, The Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative 3: Continued innovation for clinical trial improvement, Alzheimer's & Dementia, 5 Dec 2016
Juan Domingo Gispert, Marc Suárez-Calvet, Gemma C. Monté, Alan Tucholka, Carles Falcon, Santiago Rojas, Lorena Rami, Raquel Sánchez-Valle, Albert Lladó, Gernot Kleinberger, Christian Haass, José Luis Molinuevo, Cerebrospinal fluid sTREM2 levels are associated with gray matter volume increases and reduced diffusivity in early Alzheimer's disease, Alzheimer's & Dementia, 12(12), Dec 2016, 1259–1272
Nina Fainstein, Dvir Dori, Kati Frid, Alexa T. Fritz, Ilona Shapiro, Ruth Gabizon, and Tamir Ben-Hur, Chronic Progressive Neurodegeneration in a Transgenic Mouse Model of Prion Disease, Frontiers in Neuroscience, 10, 11 Nov 2016
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Xianyuan Xiang, Georg Werner, Bernd Bohrmann, Arthur Liesz, Fargol Mazaheri, Anja Capell, Regina Feederle, Irene Knuesel, Gernot Kleinberger, Christian Haass, TREM2 deficiency reduces the efficacy of immunotherapeutic amyloid clearance, EMBO Molecular Medicine, 8(9), 1 Sep 2016, 987-1113
Wilbur Song, Basavaraj Hooli, Kristina Mullin, Sheng Chih Jin, Marina Cella, Tyler K. Ulland, Yaming Wang, Rudolph Tanzi, Marco Colonna, Alzheimer's disease-associated TREM2 variants exhibit either decreased or increased ligand-dependent activation, Alzheimer's & Dementia, 9 Aug 2016
Henry H. Ruiz, Tiffany Chi, Andrew C. Shin, Claudia Lindtner, Wilson Hsieh, Michelle Ehrlich, Sam Gandy, Christoph Buettner, Increased susceptibility to metabolic dysregulation in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease is associated with impaired hypothalamic insulin signaling and elevated BCAA levels, Alzheimer's & Dementia, 12(8), Aug 2016, 851–861
Elysse M. Knight, PhD, Soong Ho Kim, PhD, Jessica C. Kottwitz, BS, Asa Hatami, PhD, Ricardo Albay, BS, Akinobu Suzuki, PhD, Alex Lublin, PhD, Cristina M. Alberini, PhD, William L. Klein, PhD, Paul Szabo, PhD, Norman R. Relkin, MD, PhD, Michelle Ehrlich, MD, Charles G. Glabe, PhD, Sam Gandy, MD, PhD and John W. Steele, PhD, Effective anti-Alzheimer Aβ therapy involves depletion of specific Aβ oligomer subtypes, Neurol Neuroimmunol Neuroinflamm, 3(3), May 2016
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Daria Zamolodchikov, Sidney Strickland, A possible new role for Aβ in vascular and inflammatory dysfunction in Alzheimer's disease, Thrombosis Research, 141(2), May 2016, S59-S61
Nobutaka Sakae, Chia-Chen Liu, Mitsuru Shinohara, Jessica Frisch-Daiello, Li Ma, Yu Yamazaki, Masaya Tachibana, Linda Younkin, Aishe Kurti, Minerva M. Carrasquillo, Fanggeng Zou, Daniel Sevlever, Gina Bisceglio, Ming Gan, Romain Fol, Patrick Knight, Miao Wang, Xianlin Han, John D. Fryer, Michael L. Fitzgerald, Yasumasa Ohyagi, Steven G. Younkin, Guojun Bu, and Takahisa Kanekiyo, ABCA7 Deficiency Accelerates Amyloid- Generation and Alzheimer’s Neuronal Pathology, Neurobiology of Disease, 36(13), 30 Mar 2016, 3848–3859
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