Baby Boomers Changed the World — We can do it again

Posted September 26, 2018

 There was a time when I thought Alzheimer’s disease was just a loss of memory and a natural part of aging.

There was a time when I thought that Alzheimer’s disease only affected the elderly.

And, there was a time that I didn’t care very much. That time ended 3 years ago.

It turns out that, because we are living longer, more and more people are getting the disease. It is not a normal part of aging—and it is not simply memory loss. It is the degradation of the brain—so degrading, in fact, that one loses not only their memory but also their capacity to perform even the simplest of tasks. And in the advanced stages of the disease, the brain loses its ability to send important messages such as those that control your heartbeat and breathing.

Now, the Baby Boomers—who have redefined aging and embraced it with a youthful vigor—are about to get hit hard with this disease. Many of us have already been confronted with its reality because of our parents. Even more of us will get the disease ourselves.

And, here is the thing: it can be stopped. Hopefully cured—but, more likely prevented and halted.

So, it is time for Baby Boomers to change the world again—we need to support the funding of research and stop this hideous disease.