Effects of Cerebrovascular Insufficiency and Exercise on the Alzheimer’s Brain


Vascular comorbidities occur in almost two-thirds of Alzheimer’s disease patients. The ways in which cerebrovascular insufficiency interacts with and contributes to Alzheimer’s disease remains unknown. Although significant advances have been made in terms of developing Alzheimer’s disease transgenic mice to investigate amyloid and tau mechanisms, a rigorous and systematic mapping of vascular profiles in Alzheimer’s mouse models is lacking. This project will for the first time provide a map of the “vasculome” in Alzheimer’s disease mouse models. In addition, this research will develop and characterize Alzheimer’s disease mouse models that include vascular insufficiency. This project will culminate in testing the effects of exercise as an intervention that could potentially rescue the diseased “vasculome” in the Alzheimer’s brain.

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Biomarkers/Diagnostics/Studies of Risk & Resilience, Foundational


Eng H. Lo, Ph.D.