CIRCUITS: All-Star Collaborative Research Team


Circuits Institutes

Collaboration to Infer Regulatory Circuits and to Uncover Innovative Therapeutic Strategies (CIRCUITS) will connect the labs of nine prestigious researchers across six world-class institutions: 


This sizeable two-year, $4 million, first-of-its-kind investigation will aim to establish entirely new methods for translating genetic findings into new therapeutics. Alongside our other research initiatives, Cure Alzheimer’s Fund will enable these investigators to pursue individual lines of study, share findings and collaborate with one another.


The Approach

Using computational and laboratory techniques that combine genetics, epigenomics, functional modeling and cellular phenotyping, these researchers will endeavor to map the circuitry of Alzheimer’s-related genetic variants. Their combined expertise and resources uniquely position them to accelerate discovery of novel drug targets for Alzheimer’s. Their pilot collaboration should result in some of the most comprehensive epigenomic and functional dissection of disease genes, variants, cell types and regulators, and may well transform the process of therapeutic discovery. 

Circuits Team