Selected Publications

These published papers resulted from Cure Alzheimer’s Fund support.

Title Researchers Date
Disruption of hippocampal neuregulin 1-ErbB4 signaling contributes to the hippocampus-dependent cognitvie impariment induced by isoflurane in aged mice, Anesthesiology Li, X. M., Su, F., Ji, M. H., Zhang, G. F., Qiu, L. L., Jia, M., Gao, J., Xie, Z., & Yang, J. J. 2014-07-01
Sevoflurane induces tau phosphorylation and glycogen synthase kinase 3 beta activation in young mice, Anesthesiology Tao, G., Zhang, J., Zhang, L., Dong, Y., Yu, B., Crosby, G., Culley, D. J., Zhang, Y., & Xie, Z. 2014-09-01
Anaesthetic Neurotoxicity and Neuroplasticity: an expert group report and statement based on the BJA Salzburg Seminar, British Journal of Anaesthesia Jevtovic-Todorovic, V., Absalom, A. R., Blomgren, K., Brambrink, A., Crosby, G., Culley, D. J., Fiskum, G., Giffard, R. G., Herold, K. F., Loepke, A. W., Ma, D., Orser, B. A., Planel, E., Slikker, W., Jr, Soriano, S. G., Stratmann, G., Vutskits, L., Xie, Z., & Hemmings, H. C., Jr. 2013-08-01
Isoflurane induces endoplasmic reticulum stress and caspase actication through ryanodine receptors, British Journal of Anaesthesia Wang, H., Dong, Y., Zhang, J., Xu, Z., Wang, G., Swain, C. A., Zhang, Y., & Xie, Z. 2014-04-03
Isoflurane and sevoflurane increase interleukin-6 levels through the nuclear factor-kappa B pathway in neuroglioma cells, British Journal of Anaesthesia Zhang, L., Zhang, J., Yang, L., Dong, Y., Zhang, Y., & Xie, Z. 2013-04-19
Neurotoxicity of General Anesthetics: an update, Current Pharmaceutical Design Vlisides, P., & Xie, Z. 2012-12-01
Different effects of anesthetic isoflurane on caspase-3 activation and cytosol cytochorne mice levels between m neural progenitor cells and neurons, Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience Zhang, Y., Pan, C., Wu, X., Dong, Y., Culley, D. J., Crosby, G., Li, T., & Xie, Z. 2014-01-30
Surgery plus anesthesia induces loss of attention in mice, Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience Ren, Q., Peng, M., Dong, Y., Zhang, Y., Chen, M., Yin, N., Marcantonio, E. R., & Xie, Z. 2015-09-08
Surgical incision-induced nociception causes cognitive impairment and reduction in synaptic NMDA recptor 2B in mice, Journal of Neuroscience Zhang, X., Xin, X., Dong, Y., Zhang, Y., Yu, B., Mao, J., & Xie, Z. 2013-11-06
Perioperative cognitive decline in aging population, MAYO Clinic Proceedings Terrando, N., Brzezinski, M., Degos, V., Eriksson, L. I., Kramer, J. H., Leung, J. M., Miller, B. L., Seeley, W. W., Vacas, S., Weiner, M. W., Yaffe, K., Young, W. L., Xie, Z., & Maze, M. 2011-09-01
Anesthetic sevoflurane reduces levels of hippocalcin and postsynaptic density protein 95, Molecular Neurobiology Zhang, J., Dong, Y., Zhou, C., Zhang, Y., & Xie, Z. 2014-05-29
Vitamin C attenuates isoflurane-induced caspase-3 activation and cognitive impairment, Molecular Neurobiology Cheng, B., Zhang, Y., Wang, A., Dong, Y., & Xie, Z. 2014-11-04
Sleep disturbance induces neuroinflammation and impariment of learning and memory, Neurobiology of Disease Zhu, B., Dong, Y., Xu, Z., Gompf, H. S., Ward, S. A., Xue, Z., Miao, C., Zhang, Y., Chamberlin, N. L., & Xie, Z. 2012-12-01
Anesthetic isoflurante increases phosphorylated tau levels mediated by caspase activation and A beta generation, PLoS One Dong, Y., Wu, X., Xu, Z., Zhang, Y., & Xie, Z. 2012-06-20
General anesthetics and beta-amyloid protein, Progress in Neuro-Psychopharmacology & Biological Psychiatry Xie, Z., & Xu, Z. 2012-08-13
Anesthetics isoflurane and desflurane directly affect mitochondrial function, learning, and memory, Annals of Neurology Zhang, Y., Xu, Z., Wang, H., Dong, Y., Shi, H. N., Culley, D. J., Crosby, G., Marcantonio, E. R., Tanzi, R. E., & Xie, Z. 2023-01-19
Cerebrospinal fluid Abeta to Tau ratio and postoperative cognitive change, Annals of Surgery Xie, Z., McAuliffe, S., Swain, C. A., Ward, S. A., Crosby, C. A., Zheng, H., Sherman, J., Dong, Y., Zhang, Y., Sunder, N., Burke, D., Washicosky, K. J., Tanzi, R. E., & Marcantonio, E. R. 2013-08-01
Amyloid-beta Production Via Cleavage of Amyloid-beta Protein Precursor is Modulated by Cell Density, Journal of Alzheimer's Disease Zhang, C., Browne, A., Divito, J. R., Stevenson, J. A., Romano, D., Dong, Y., Xie, Z., & Tanzi, R. E. 2010-10-01
The inhalation anesthetic isoflurane increases levels of proinflammatory TNF-alpha, IL-6, and IL-1 beta, Neurobiology of Aging Wu, X., Lu, Y., Dong, Y., Zhang, G., Zhang, Y., Xu, Z., Culley, D. J., Crosby, G., Marcantonio, E. R., Tanzi, R. E., & Xie, Z. 2010-12-28
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Evidence that the “Lid” domain of nicastrin is not essential for regulating secretase activity, Journal of Biological Chemistry Zhang, X., Sullivan, E., Scimeca, M., Wu, X., Li, Y. M., & Sisodia, S. S. 2016-02-17
Identification of a tetratricopeptide repeat-like domain in the nicastrin subunit of gamma-secrtase using synthetic antibodies, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America Zhang, X., Hoey, R. J., Lin, G., Koide, A., Leung, B., Ahn, K., Dolios, G., Paduch, M., Ikeuchi, T., Wang, R., Li, Y. M., Koide, S., & Sisodia, S. S. 2012-05-14
Therapeutic TVs for Crossing Barriers in the Brain, Cell Zhao, Z., & Zlokovic, B. V. 2020-07-23
Channelrhodopsin Excitation Contracts Brain Pericytes and Reduces Blood Flow in the Aging Mouse Brain in vivo, Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience Nelson, A. R., Sagare, M. A., Wang, Y., Kisler, K., Zhao, Z., & Zlokovic, B. V. 2020-04-29
Endothelial Tip Cell Finds Its Way with Piezo1, Neuron Zhao, Z., & Zlokovic, B. V. 2020-10-14
Blood-Brain Barrier: From Physiology to Disease and Back, Physiological Reviews Sweeney, M. D., Zhao, Z., Montagne, A., Nelson, A. R., & Zlokovic, B. V. 2019-01-01
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Can prehospital “plasma supplement” neutralize the systemic storm in severe trauma?, Cell Reports Medicine Zhao, Z., & Zlokovic, B. V. 2021-12-21
Anti-malaria drug artesunate prevents development of amyloid-β pathology in mice by upregulating PICALM at the blood-brain barrier, Molecular Neurodegeneration Kisler, K., Sagare, A. P., Lazic, D., Bazzi, S., Lawson, E., Hsu, C. J., Wang, Y., Ramanathan, A., Nelson, A. R., Zhao, Z., & Zlokovic, B. V. 2023-01-27
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Inflammatory pain may induce cognitive impairment through an interlukin-6 dependent and postsynaptic density-95 associated mechanism, ​​Anesthesia & Analgesia Yang, L., Xin, X., Zhang, J., Zhang, L., Dong, Y., Zhang, Y., Mao, J., & Xie, Z. 2014-05-30
2-Deoxy-D-Glucose Enhances Anesthetic Effects in Mice, ​​Anesthesia & Analgesia Wang, H., Xu, Z., Wu, A., Dong, Y., Zhang, Y., Yue, Y., & Xie, Z. 2015-02-01
Propofol Enhances Hemoglobin-induced cytotoxicity in Neurons, ​​Anesthesia & Analgesia Yuan, J., Cui, G., Li, W., Zhang, X., Wang, X., Zheng, H., Zhang, J., Xiang, S., & Xie, Z. 2016-01-14
Glucose May Attenuate Isoflurane-Induced Caspase-3 Activation in H4 Human Neuroglioma Cells, ​​Anesthesia & Analgesia Sun, Y., Zhang, Y., Cheng, B., Dong, Y., Pan, C., Li, T., & Xie, Z. 2014-07-26
Selective anesthesia-induced neuroinflammation in developing mouse brain and cognitive impairment, Anesthesiology Shen, X., Dong, Y., Xu, Z., Wang, H., Miao, C., Soriano, S. G., Sun, D., Baxter, M. G., Zhang, Y., & Xie, Z. 2013-03-01
Sevoflurane anesthesia in pregnant mice induces neurotoxicity in fetal and offspring mice, Anesthesiology Zheng, H., Dong, Y., Xu, Z., Crosby, G., Culley, D. J., Zhang, Y., & Xie, Z. 2013-03-01
Effects of Anesthetic Isoflurane and Desflurane on Human Cerebrospinal Fluid Aβ and τ Level, Anesthesiology Zhang, B., Tian, M., Zheng, H., Zhen, Y., Yue, Y., Li, T., Li, S., Marcantonio, E. R., & Xie, Z. 2013-07-01
Cancer prognosis: can anesthesia play a role?, Anesthesiology Xie Z. 2013-09-01
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