The Story of Cure Alzheimer's Fund

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“The human brain is magnificent. And mysterious.”

As a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to end a massive and terrible human condition, we are steadfastly focused on our mission. Our operational model is complex, our ecosystem of researchers is wide-ranging, and the problem we are obsessed with solving exists deep in the expanse of one of nature’s most elaborate constructions: The human brain.

These factors do not make us any less committed to our intentions, but they do complicate the full telling of our story. This short film conveys the complete essence of our organization—from our founders to our researchers, from our quiet beginning to our current status as a leading fundraising organization in the field of Alzheimer’s research.

The narration is delivered with wonderful nuance by the talented actor Franklin Ojeda Smith. Born on the Sea Islands of South Carolina, his voice is rich with experience and humanity and compassion; it brings our story to life, and adds warmth and weight to our mission.

Underneath this, and almost in counterpart to Franklin’s baritone, is the beautiful, captivating, and emotional music of Jóhann Jóhannsson. A celebrated and award-winning composer, the beautiful and surreal landscapes of his native Iceland are indelibly etched in his work.

We are beyond proud that their talents are here, helping us to tell the story of our organization. We hope you enjoy watching, listening, and learning.

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