Dr. Rudolph Tanzi Featured in CNN Video

Posted August 26, 2011

Cure Alzheimer’s Fund’s Dr. Rudolph Tanzi is featured in an article and video on CNN’s Health section in which he discusses his life and work on Alzheimer’s disease. An excerpt from the article:

Tanzi leads the Alzheimer’s Genome Project, a groundbreaking initiative in collaboration with the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund that is dedicated to finding genes associated with Alzheimer’s disease. Once scientists identify what’s going wrong with those genes in people who have the condition, they can work toward developing drugs that may repair the damage. “The idea is fix what’s broken,” Tanzi said.

Read and Watch the CNN Video and Article

At the last TEDMED conference, Dr. Tanzi and venture capitalist Henry McCance presented on the success of using a venture capital model to raise funds for Alzheimer’s research. Recently, CNN featured their presentation on their website.

Watch their TEDMED presentation here