NPR Features Cure Alzheimer’s Fund

Posted November 8, 2010

Cure Alzheimer’s Fund was featured this morning in a two-part segment on National Public Radio. The piece details the founding of Cure Alzheimer’s Fund, our venture approach  and some of the science that is providing the way to a cure. WGBH in Boston introduced the piece:

For more than five million patients and their estimated ten million caregivers, Alzheimer’s disease is a scourge, a memory-stealing, brain-clogging affliction that costs the United States more than $170 billion a year, though its true impact on the lives of American families is incalculable.

In the first installment of our 2-part series, “Venture Philanthropy: An Investor’s Approach to Curing Alzheimer’s,” reporter Sean Corcoran introduces us to a small group of local business leaders who are using their proven investment techniques — and their personal fortunes — to assemble what they believe are the world’s most promising researchers to slow, stop or reverse the disease.

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