Save health care — Invest in research

Posted February 22, 2010

From Cure Alzheimer’s Fund President & CEO, Tim Armour:

Last week, I told you all that our federal government will spend $2 trillion on Alzheimer’s care in this decade alone. What I didn’t tell you was that while we will spend $184 billion on care in 2010, we will only invest $430 million on research — not even 1% of what we’re spending on care!

This is a recipe for disaster – not only for the well-being of future generations, but for our entire health care system. How much longer can we delay progress toward a cure before we bankrupt the entire health care system?

We must rebalance this equation. Please join me in telling Congress to make a national commitment to a cure – and ask your loved ones to do the same.

We are a nation that takes care of its own and we must continue to care for those in need now – funding for Alzheimer’s care is critical. But we can’t continue to ignore the facts.

We are pouring billions of dollars into just treating the symptoms of the disease when we know we can cure it. It doesn’t make any sense. We have the roadmap to a cure – that’s what makes us unique – now we just need the funds to make it happen.

The American people deserve health care that is effective and sustainable. Join us and together we’ll find a cure to this debilitating and economically crippling disease.

And as always, thanks for everything you do to help us find a cure!