The Roadmap to Therapies 2012

Posted November 14, 2012

Alzheimer’s is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States, but its most devastating effects can’t be counted. The disease steals away memories; it turns loved ones into strangers; it makes home unfamiliar and takes away all the things that define an individual. And, until recently, there’s been little hope of stopping its progress.

Cure Alzheimer’s Fund was founded to support cutting-edge, high-potential research to help the Alzheimer’s research community get on a smarter, faster trajectory toward a cure.

To do that, our Research Consortium has developed a roadmap with four fundamental planks:

1. Find the genes linked to Alzheimer’s
2. Use the genes to discover how Alzheimer’s works
3. Use this understanding to design new treatments
4. Partner with pharmacology to develop medicine

Since our beginning eight years ago, we’ve made considerable progress in all of these areas and have, as a result, developed an important integrated view of the entire disease process.

We are confident in our research roadmap and in the skill and dedication of our funded researchers. But as good as they are, our researchers can’t do it without us. Human life is so precious; together we can preserve and defend it against this terrible disease!