Jonathan Cohen

4x4x48 Challenge in memory of Ziva Cohen

A few words from Jonathan

I’m raising money to benefit Alzheimer’s Disease Research Foundation.

I’m taking on the 4x4x48 Goggin’s Challenge GoFundMe. The challenge consists of running 4 miles every 4 hours for 48 hours for a total of 48 miles.

I’ll be running twelve 4-mile increments in memory of my grandmother, Ziva Cohen. My grandmother suffered from Alzheimer’s, a form of dementia, for three years. I’ve now lost both my grandmothers to this disease. Cognitive decline is a scary thing.

I’m running to honor her legacy and raise funds to help get to the root cause of this disease. I’ve set a goal of running an additional two miles at the end of the challenge to reach 50 miles, a milestone goal that is representative of pushing beyond the limits and boundaries we set for ourselves. It’s all in our heads.

Can I do this?

“Your reasons to continue must be greater than your reasons to stop.”

This isn’t a fitness test. It’s about resilience – something both my grandmothers demonstrated profoundly. I know that when it comes to resilience, the memories of my grandmothers serve as my inspiration. To endure, to give back, and to honor the lives of the people that impact us most is the strongest blessing I want to give.

I believe in getting to the root cause of issues. I believe in solving problems at their core.

Right now there is no cure for this disease. Instead of contributing towards logistics, I felt a more profound meaning in donating towards research in hopes of one day curing Alzheimer’s.

I will be donating $100 following each run. In everything bad there is something good.

I’m hoping that through this challenge, we can raise money for a cause bigger than ourselves and support research towards eliminating this disease once and for all.

Thank you for your time and attention.

Love you Safta Ziva, this one is for you.


February 27, 2022

50 miles in 48 hours Challenge – conquered.

Over $14,000 raised for research.

I am beyond humbled by and proud of the amount of money we raised together. You opened your hearts and your pockets to back it up. You trusted me to complete these miles. Each one of you contributed to a cause bigger than yourselves in my grandmother’s honor. I gave everything I had to this and the amount of gratitude I have for each donation in her name I can only express through the actions of running 50 miles and putting my own money down. I’ll look back on this forever and know that because of each donation, we stand a chance at battling this disease. Standing on the side of humanity – when someone draws a circle to keep you out, you draw a bigger on to draw them back in. That’s what we did here today and hopefully, we are one step closer towards conquering this disease once and for all.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you everyone. I know my grandmother does too.

Viva la Ziva!

Endlessly grateful,