Patrick Toon

Feet for Brains

Patrick Toon is a runner based in Queens, New York City.  He has raced distances from one to fifty miles in deserts, swamps, mountains, forests and even the stairwells of the Empire State Building. In November he will be running the New York City Marathon and next year, Boston.  This time, his running is more than a passion, it’s a celebration of his Dad.

His father, Dan, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2018 and has been fighting the good fight ever since.  From the start he’s faced this situation with courage, humor and optimism and though this disease makes each new day more difficult than the last, he just keeps going forward, step by step; he’s unstoppable!

For every dollar Patrick raises for Cure Alzheimer’s Fund he will run one mile in honor of his father.  His goal is to raise $2,000 and run 2000 miles by April 17th, 2023 when he runs the Boston Marathon!