Rick Wojciak

On March 1, Rick Wojciak (AKA Ridin’ Rick), 62, and five of his friends set out on their bicycles to ride 2,673 miles across the country—from San Diego to St. Augustine, Florida, along the Southern Tier route. His wife Mary Jean’s mother, Ruth, has suffered from Alzheimer’s for the past few years.

“The vibrant, outgoing, adventurous, strong-willed woman I first met 17 years ago has turned into a shadow of what she once was,” says Rick. “I think she suffered the most when she was still aware enough to know things were changing but couldn’t understand it all. She is past that stage now. It has been a very difficult thing to watch, and live with.”

Rick completed his journey on April 30, 2015. By asking friends and family to donate a few cents per mile cycled, he raised more than $10,000 for Alzheimer’s research.