Neil A. Seidenman

Neil A. Seidenman was born April 03, 1933 in Baltimore and died October 19, 2018, age 85 and 6 months. After high school, Neil attended Georgetown University School of languages where he graduated, cum laude.  Neil was proficient in speaking and performing both simultaneous and consecutive interpreting in Spanish, Portuguese and Italian and was able to do this from either language into the other. Neil was selected as a Spanish interpreter at the first International Red Cross Conference in Canada, circa 1960. Neil was Interpreter for President, John F. Kennedy, June 1963, on Kennedy’s visit to Italy, after JFK visited Germany and Ireland. The extensive DVD of Neil interpreting for JFK in Italy is in the Kennedy Library in Cambridge, MA. (Tragically, Kennedy was assassinated November 22, 1963), In Neil’s 32-year career in the Language Services Division of the U.S. State Department, besides Kennedy, he was the official interpreter for each of the U.S. Presidents that followed Kennedy and numerous foreign visiting Presidents and other dignitaries at events both here and in other countries. In addition to Neil’s language skills, he was a concert quality classical pianist. All his adult life, Neil continuously enjoyed tennis, skiing, and travel.