10th Annual Hay Harbor Tennis Tournament

Posted December 14, 2016

For 10 years the women of Hay Harbor Tennis Club on Fishers Island, New York, have been gathering every July to raise money for Alzheimer’s research in honor of their friend, Alison McCance, wife of Cure Alzheimer’s Fund Co-Chairman Henry McCance. Once again, club member Diana Fiske organized and promoted the annual round-robin tennis tournament and fundraiser.

This year, Henry introduced the event with a short update on general progress made in the field of Alzheimer’s research over the past decade, and the significant part CureAlz has played in funding this research.

“It was an inspiring way to begin the event,” said Diana. “This terrible disease has impacted so many of us. Cure Alzheimer’s Fund is a groundbreaking organization that is making huge strides, and we are so proud to support it.”