The Alzheimer’s Piano—‘Making Memories’

Posted February 1, 2017

Last fall, “Play Me, I’m Yours,” a public display featuring 60 pianos designed by local artists and placed in public spaces, returned to Boston. One of the pianos was designed by Newburyport, Massachusetts, artist Jeff Monahan. “Making Memories” featured large word graphics to show the connection between music and the brain. Monahan’s wife, Barbara Chambers of Cure Alzheimer’s Fund, said, “Music plays an important role in memory for those with Alzheimer’s. People with advanced Alzheimer’s who remember very little will remember music.” With his piano, Monahan wanted to help educate people about the role music can play for those with Alzheimer’s, and celebrate its importance in all of our lives. He dedicated the piano to all those suffering from Alzheimer’s and helped raise awareness, one note at a time.