Bald Move


For its Ground Hog Day Marathon in 2022, Bald Move again chose to raise funds for CureAlz. Together with their community, they raised $20,020 for vital research into Alzheimer’s disease.


Together with the Bald Move community, we raised just raised over $15,700 in cash donations, plus easily another $1000 in subs and bits in 24 hours for the fine folks at @CureAlzheimers!! While we won’t have the exact final total for a few days, this is easily a new Bald Move Groundhog Day Marathon record! We will be having a wrap up podcast with more details and fun stuff to come, but a few FAQS…

NO, IT IS STILL NOT TOO LATE TO DONATE TO THIS GREAT CAUSE! Just go to and donate, we will add your donation to our total! If you want to watch some of the stream, the entire video can be found at for 60 days. We may be able to move it to YouTube as an archive, but due to the nature of the work it may get copyright struck, so no promises! If you want to check it out it’s guaranteed to be on Twitch for at least 60 days. You can also check out our clips page to find which moments your fellow Bald Move fans thought were standouts, like me destroying my chair (and nearly my bookshelf collection) in an early mishap.

Original post: Each year on or about Groundhog Day, we do a 24 hour charity marathon on This year we did a 24 hour marathon watching Star Trek movies!  All donations, bits, and subscriptions during this stream go directly to the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund! To get full details including schedule, where to watch, and how to donate, check out!