Shannon Roland

I will be raising money as I attempt my fifth long distance hike along the Pacific Northwest Trail from Glacier National Park in Montana out to the coast of Washington. This hike poses new challenges including a shorter weather window, unmaintained trail, and lengthy road walks. By the end of my journey, I will be one of the most accomplished long-distance hikers in the world. Your donation will help motivate me and push me through the challenging times, knowing I am doing this for a good reason. Alzheimer’s has affected many friends and family members and is one of the most devastating diseases I’ve seen a family go through. By donating today, your funds go straight to the research surrounding this disease. Even if you are unable to donate, please help by getting the word out, sharing this page, or following along with my journey on my blog. I am truly grateful for your unending support!!!

Please note that this page does not automatically update when a donation is made – it will update about once a week.

If you’d like more information as I hike, including photos, videos, and blog posts, visit my page here::