Jason Eriksen, Ph.D.

Dr. Eriksen received his graduate school training at Loyola University Chicago, working on the development of an agent to treat Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. He received his postdoctoral training at the Mayo Clinic, studying Alzheimer’s disease and associated neurodegenerative disorders. His laboratory uses a variety of approaches, ranging from simple biochemical assays to high-content screening, in order to better understand the specific molecular and biochemical pathways that are involved in these Alzheimer’s disease and associated disorders.

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Funded Research

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Selected Publications

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Tanifum, E. A., Dasgupta, I., Srivastava, M., Bhavane, R. C., Sun, L., Berridge, J., Pourgarzham, H., Kamath, R., Espinosa, G., Cook, S. C., Eriksen, J. L., & Annapragada, A. Intravenous delivery of targeted liposomes to amyloid-beta in APP/PSEN1 transgenic mice, PLoS One, October 31, 2012, Read More