Chris Mann – Musician, Remember Me

Posted July 18, 2017

Chris Mann is a classically trained musician from Wichita, Kansas. He competed in the television competition show, The Voice, coming in 4th place. From an interview in Rolling Stone Magazine in January of 2015, Chris Mann explains his inspiration for his song, Remember Me:

“I met Dr. Rudy Tanzi while we both were filming segments for our PBS television specials. We hit it off about music and my family connection with Alzheimer’s, and thought we might make an interesting collaboration musically. There’s never been an anthem to raise awareness for Alzheimer’s, and we wanted to write one. A few months later, he sent me the beginnings of a song – a beautifully simple piano part that got me excited. I developed the music with my music director, Willy Beaman, and wrote the lyrics with my wife, Laura.”

“The story Laura and I wanted to tell was one from the perspective of the person with Alzheimer’s where they’re pleading to be remembered when they can’t remember themselves. It’s such a poignant message, whether you connect with Alzheimer’s or not. Everyone knows what it feels like to be forgotten. Everyone wants to fight to be remembered. Musically, I wanted to write the melody so I could really cry and plead while singing [the line] ‘remember me.’ It’s guttural and visceral, and I hope cuts to the heart of the listener.”