Identification and Validation of Plasma-Based Lipid Biomarkers for Early Alzheimer’s Disease in the Unique, Primarily Hispanic, South Texas Population

2023, 2024

There is an urgent need to develop tools for convenient and cost-effective early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease and to monitor its progression. In this proposal, we plan to use advanced technology to measure previously undetermined molecules in the blood and cerebrospinal fluid as biomarkers for early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. Notably, we will assess a large and unique group of South Texas participants composed of about half Hispanic and half non-Hispanic White individuals. This study is novel in at least three aspects, including the technology used, the molecules assessed and the population investigated. 

Funding to Date



Biomarkers/Diagnostics/Studies of Risk & Resilience, Foundational


Xianlin Han, Ph.D.

Bernard Fongang, Ph.D.

Juan Pablo Palavicini, Ph.D.

Tiffany F. Kautz, Ph.D.

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