General Scientific Support


Dr. Wasco’s current roles and responsibilities include the following:

  • Assisting with managing all aspects of the research funding process, including recruiting principle investigators, matching of reviewers and projects, facilitating the review process and communicating  results within the broader CureAlz community and Alzheimer’s disease scientific contexts.
  • Being a resource for scientific questions that arise during the CureAlz grant application reviewing process.
  • Serving as an internal science analyst/adviser to CureAlz staff as necessary.
  • Planning virtual and in-person meetings, including the quarterly CureAlz research meetings/calls.
  • Attending conferences and remaining familiar with the literature to identify investigators who might be candidates for building the CureAlz pipeline and facilitating letter of intent invitations when appropriate.
  • Providing transitional writing assistance for internal and external audiences.
  • Serving as a liaison between Massachusetts General Hospital-based and other researchers and CureAlz.
  • Providing assistance and support with scientific communications to and from CureAlz researchers.
  • Integrating fully with the rest of the foundation by working closely with and meeting weekly with Julie Harris; when possible, coming to the office and attending all-staff and select other meetings; and representing the foundation externally, including with the use of a CureAlz email address.

Funding to Date



Other, Scientific Meetings and Support


Wilma Wasco, Ph.D.