Genes to Therapies™ (G2T), Alzheimer’s Disease Drug Discovery & Development (AD4), ACTFAST and General Scientific Support


Dr. Wasco’s responsibilities include the following:

  • Guiding the group activities of the AD4 Consortium, including assisting with CureAlz proposal and report writing, and organizing regular joint lab meetings.
  • Guiding and organizing the group activities of the ACTFAST Task Force.
  • Providing scientific oversight to the G2T Taconic development and breeding programs.
  • Acting—on an informal and irregular basis—as a scientific adviser to the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund foundation.
  • Planning virtual and in-person meetings, including the quarterly CureAlz Research Leadership Group meetings/calls.
  • Serving as an internal science analyst who can advise CureAlz staff as necessary.
  • Serving as a resource for scientific questions that arise during the CureAlz grant application review process, including providing assistance with selecting appropriate reviewers for specific proposals.
  • Attending conferences to identify investigators who might be candidates for building the CureAlz pipeline, and facilitating letter of intent invitations when appropriate.
  • Providing assistance and support with scientific communications to and from CureAlz researchers.
  • Integrating more fully with the overall foundation mission by virtue of attending regular one-on-one and other meetings, and fully using all CureAlz resources in public-facing circumstances

Funding to Date



Studies of Novel AD Genes, Translational


Wilma Wasco, Ph.D.