Find updates on the work of our researchers here, as well as news about recent advances in Alzheimer's science, funding and awareness.

Bill Gates Announces Investment in Alzheimer's Research

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has announced a $100 million personal investment Alzheimer's research - a major win for the fight against the disease, which is the 6th leading cause of death in the United States.

Targeting Tau’s Tangles

Finding the correct arsenal for preventing plaques, tangle formation and neuroinflammation is the holy grail for scientists studying Alzheimer’s disease. All three join together to disrupt communication between neurons—leading to an eventual complete loss of autonomy.

State of the Mind Events

In an effort to educate the public about the state of Alzheimer’s disease and the urgent need for research funding, Cure Alzheimer’s Fund has held more than a dozen State of the Mind presentations across the country this past year, each one featuring a leading scientist who has received a research grant. In some cases, generous supporters sponsor the event for friends and family. 

Good Housekeeping Selects Cure Alzheimer's Fund

Good Housekeeping has recognized Cure Alzheimer's Fund as one of 11 "Best Charities to Give To Right Now". GH points to CureAlz's commitment that 100% of every dollar donated goes to research, as well as the success of the Alzheimer's Genome Project.

The Brain’s Lymphatic System

Modern science has an incredibly thorough understanding of the human body. It is hard to imagine that any organ or system could exist within the body that has yet to be discovered. Yet this is exactly what happened in 2015, when researchers discovered lymphatic vessels around and within the brain.

Phyllis Rappaport Updates Former College Classmates

In May, Phyllis Rappaport, Co-Founder, Director and Treasurer of Cure Alzheimer’s Fund, spoke about the organization to a self-selected subgroup of her Boston-area Smith College reunion class.

Springbok Puzzles, Manufacturer of Jigsaw Puzzles for Patients with Alzheimer's Disease, Partners with Cure Alzheimer's Fund

Nation's largest puzzle maker will donate percentage of sales from Puzzles to Remember product line to support Alzheimer's research


WELLESLEY, Mass., July 27, 2017 – Cure Alzheimer's Fund announced today that it has partnered with Kansas City-based puzzle manufacturer Springbok Puzzles. Springbok has created a line of jigsaw puzzles – Puzzles to Remember – specifically designed for patients with Alzheimer's disease. Springbok will donate $3 of every puzzle sold on 

"Breakthrough": A Message from Sherry Sharp

A news article appeared recently explaining one more breakthrough in medical science that will help in understanding brain health. Like a miner digging for gold, I get excited with every new discovery. Since my husband died in 2014 from younger onset Alzheimer’s disease at the age of sixty-seven, it has been my determination to learn as much as I can about, and support research concerning AD. I want to know everything possible that might bring an end to this life-robbing disease.

Cure Alzheimer’s Fund Receives $900,000 Donation from the Edward and Mary Lord Foundation

The Foundation’s Largest Donation to Date Will Go Towards Alzheimer’s Disease Research 

(Wellesley, MA) – July 18, 2017 – Cure Alzheimer’s Fund, a non-profit dedicated to funding the most promising research to prevent, slow or reverse Alzheimer’s disease, announced today that it has received a $900,000 donation from the Edward and Mary Lord Foundation. This is the Lord Foundation’s largest donation to date. 

President's Budget Proposal for FY 2018 Cuts $294 Million from National Institutes on Aging (NIA)

Cure Alzheimer’s Fund is deeply concerned about several provisions of the President's proposed budget, specifically, the approximately 18% cut to the National Institutes of Health in general; and the approximately 18% cut to the National Institute on Aging.