With Our Venture Capitalist Approach, Cure Alzheimer’s Fund “Dares to Be Great”

Posted August 26, 2010

The website Xconomy Boston has written a profile on one of our founders, Henry McCance, outlining our entrepreneurial approach to funding innovative researchers. Xconomy looks at how Cure Alzheimer’s Fund translated Henry’s expertise as a venture capitalist to the realm of medical research, which was sorely lacking a bold source of funding.

“McCance recalls researchers saying that the organizations that traditionally dole out the grants are so risk-averse that they don’t want to fund anything that has the slightest potential of failure. ‘We are forced to submit proposals which we almost already know the answer to,’ was their lament, McCance says. “Research that does get funded is akin to 1-yard plunge. There is no organization that is willing to throw us a 30 yard pass down the field.’”

Xconomy explains the ways McCance and other Cure Alzheimer’s Fund founders developed an alternative approach. They targeted visionaries in the field, brought in high-quality leadership, and kept a frugal culture to ensure funding going straight to research. The result – an unprecedented approach to push the boundaries of Alzheimer’s research.

The article, a great introduction to our entrepreneurial approach, can be read in full here.

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