Spencer and Phedra Fight Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s has left its mark on the Van Kirk family. First, Spencer Van Kirk’s late grandfather, Neal Van Kirk (left), battled the disease for several years prior to passing away at the age of 87. This had a profound impact on Spencer, as he witnessed an honorable, bright, and gifted man transform into a shadow of his former self. The disease’s crippling impact erased a large part of his memory, leading to a sad end to an otherwise wonderful life.

The disease also struck Tom Wagner (right) who was diagnosed with it a few years ago. Tom is a longtime friend of Spencer’s father beginning with their years at Miami University. Their friendship led to a wonderful relationship between the Wagner’s and the Van Kirk’s. Tom is only 65, and he and his courageous wife and children are doing everything they can to fight this disease.

While there have been considerable advances in understanding Alzheimer’s and curbing its damaging effects, we need to continue to fund research that will ultimately lead to its prevention.  Please donate what you can as 100% of your dollars directly finances Cure Alzheimer’s Fund’s grants.