Our Roadmap to a Cure

Cure Alzheimer’s Fund is the only research organization with a real plan to end Alzheimer’s disease. Our unique funding strategy is 100 percent focused on finding a cure and supports the scientists doing the most innovative work to move knowledge of Alzheimer’s pathology most expeditiously to prevention and cure. Our ultimate objective is to stop the disease before it even starts.

By addressing the problem at the root and finding the major causes of the disease, we already are accelerating developments of effective therapies. The projects we fund are based on our roadmap, which we think is the quickest way to a cure.

Research Roadmap graphic

Foundational Genetics

Find all genes that contribute to risk for or protection against Alzheimer’s disease; prioritize those with the greatest impact.

Translational Research

Discover what the previously known Alzheimer’s genes can teach us about Alzheimer’s disease pathology and identify the role of the newly identified genes.

Drug Discovery

Determine which existing drugs or novel chemical compounds most safely and effectively disrupt the Alzheimer’s pathology generated by the highest priority genes.

Drug Development