Posted December 1, 2022

Cure Alzheimer’s Fund, a non-profit dedicated to funding the most promising research to prevent, slow or reverse Alzheimer’s disease, announced today that it has received a $30,000 grant from the Robert A. Stranahan, Jr. Charitable Advised Fund of the Greater Toledo Community Foundation. This most recent grant continues important philanthropic support from the Robert A. Stranahan, Jr. Charitable Advised Fund as the fund has donated $185,000 to CureAlz since making its first grant in 2016.

“We are especially encouraged by the collaborative nature of the work supported by Cure Alzheimer’s Fund (CureAlz) and their success at leveraging additional funds to further research into understanding Alzheimer’s disease,” said Keith Burwell, President of Greater Toledo Community Foundation. “We believe, and agree with CureAlz, that this type of collaboration is a powerful and proven way to accelerate discoveries that provide important insights leading to drug development. We look forward to seeing the impact this grant makes in their efforts.”

“Alzheimer’s disease is indiscriminate in whom it affects, and it spares neither the patient nor their loved ones,” said Tim Armour, President and CEO of Cure Alzheimer’s Fund. “We must understand the causes and pathology of the disease in order to develop truly effective therapies. Gratefully, the Greater Toledo Community Foundation also recognizes the importance of focusing on foundational and translational research. We are thankful for their partnership and for their continued investment in the high-risk, high-reward research funded by CureAlz,” said Armour.

It is estimated that more than 6.5 million Americans are currently living with Alzheimer’s disease, a number that is expected to increase rapidly as the Baby Boomer generation continues to age. It is projected that the share of adults 65 and older in the US population will rise to 22 percent by 2050. With age as the biggest risk factor, Alzheimer’s disease is poised to place an unmanageable financial burden on the US healthcare system, caregivers, and loved ones. With the philanthropic support of the Robert A. Stranahan, Jr. Charitable Advised Fund of the Greater Toledo Community Foundation and tens of thousands of other donors, CureAlz has been able to direct more than $155 million to Alzheimer’s disease research since its inception in 2004 and has delivered critical breakthroughs for the research community.

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