Massachusetts General Hospital Highlights CAF’s Contributions to Research

Posted February 13, 2015

In a recent news piece, Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) chose to highlight Cure Alzheimer’s Fund’s support of research through the lab of Dr. Rudy Tanzi.

MGH praises the venture capital approach taken by CAF co-founders Jeff and Jacqui Morby, enabling researchers like Tanzi to take risks and pursue “paradigm changing” studies. And the risks have paid off: According to MGH, the scientific results brought about by CAF-funded research are “nothing short of game changing, as Mass General researchers resolve some long-unanswered questions about how Alzheimer’s disease develops.”

Collaboration between Cure Alzheimer’s Fund and Tanzi’s MGH lab is ongoing. Using the recently discovered Alzheimer’s in a Dish system, Tanzi plans to test thousands of potential drugs. “Testing on brain cells [in a dish],” Tanzi tells MGH, “is 100 times faster than testing in mice and 100 times cheaper.”

Read the full article here on MGH’s website.