Jeff and Jacqui Morby Featured in Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Posted January 14, 2015

Cure Alzheimer’s Fund Chairman and Co-Founder Jeff Morby and Co-Founder Jacqui Morby were featured for their support of Alzheimer’s research in Sunday’s Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. The article highlights Cure Alzheimer’s Fund’s success and the commitment of its founders and board to cover all operating costs. The Post-Gazette also describes the origins of the fund, which started off under the Pittsburgh Foundation until the Morbys garnered enough support to launch a public charity.

Max King, president and chief executive of the Pittsburgh Foundation, comments that the Morby’s experience and unique approach to philanthropy has been a major factor in Cure Alzheimer’s Fund’s success. He states, “Each of them had very, very successful high-powered careers in business. They did more due diligence and research in getting this started than you can imagine. They are both such deep thinkers. They both got extraordinary results in their business careers and translated that to philanthropy.”

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