Kristyn Hobbs and Donald Whittington

Don and I are getting married on May 31, 2014. We have decided that in lieu of wedding gifts, we would like our friends and family to make a charitable donation instead.

We picked Cure Alzheimer’s Fund for a number of reasons. First, Don and I both had grandmothers who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. We saw first-hand the devastating effects of the disease on our grandmothers who we love so much, but also saw the effects on the rest of the family and caretakers. After doing research on a number of organizations, we were extremely impressed with Cure Alzheimer’s Fund. We saw the very impressive rating from Charity Navigator, and we were especially impressed that 100% of donations go directly to research since the founders and the Board cover administrative costs.

We have set up a website for our fundraising activity:​

We are doing this in loving memory of Don’s grandmother, Elva Whittington “Grandma”, and my grandmother Dolores Hobbs “Patti”.

We would greatly appreciate a charitable donation to this organization. Our wedding day is May 31, 2014, and we will close our fundraising event one month after, on June 30, 2014. But donations can continue to be made by using the “Donate online” button below.