Level Best

My husband Kelley and I have been a part of the acoustic music scene in Southern Illinois since the 1980s, as members of several bluegrass bands. Kelley, an accomplished guitar flat-picker, was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease in 2014, secondary to a severe Rocky Mountain spotted fever infection (a tick-borne illness). As his condition has progressed, we felt compelled to record a sort of bucket list project, celebrating the many fine people we have come to know as a result of our musical endeavors. So often we have hosted gatherings centered around our kitchen table…and accordingly regard this recording as a collection of “Kitchen Table Tunes”.

As we live life, our experiences draw us to the things that become our passions…and from our passions grow our inspirations and causes. Kelley and I have long been passionate about pet rescue, and have dedicated our hearts, our time, our home, and our music to support rescue efforts. As we live life, sometimes our experiences lead us to causes that were not born of choice but instead from circumstances. In support of our newest cause, proceeds from digital downloads of the title track, Level Best, will benefit research efforts to find a cure for Alzheimer’s disease.

Level Best was written by Mila Maring and Josh Morrison. Lead Vocals, Mila Maring; Guitar and Shaker, Josh Morrison; Fiddle and Accordion, Robert Bowlin; Mandolin, Mark Stoffel; Bass, Nate Graham; Harmony vocal, Jenny Johnson. Video by Phil Bankester.