Sloan Meadows and Zachary Browning

This story starts with Sloan Meadows, who decided in May 2014 that he wanted cap off his 4 year undergraduate career as a biology major at James Madison University with a memorable experience that would simultaneously work towards aiding a greater good. A wrestler in high school and dedicated member of the JMU Club Dodgeball team, Sloan has worked towards making a positive impact on the community that has helped him grow into the person he is today. In addition, he has continued to remain physically active throughout his college career knowing that his family has a history a heart disease and Alzheimer’s. He then began researching organizations that aid in providing funds for research against Alzheimer’s. He then realized he could work cycling, a hobby that he is gaining expertise in, into a charitable event by cycling across country to raise money to help cure Alzheimer’s.

The concept made a small change in June 2014 the concept of a solo cross country fundraiser transformed into a two man cross country trip. Zachary Browning met Sloan in 2012 as a neighbor in the residence hall that we would later learn to be our home away from home for our freshman year of college. Zach was a wrestler in high school and in his Senior year of college quickly became engrossed in Triathlon and is now an executive member of the JMU triathlon club. One evening Sloan began to tell Zach of this fundraiser he had been planning and Zach knew this was an opportunity to give back that he could not pass up. With a history of Alzheimer’s running in his family as well, we are dedicating our time, effort, and determination would work towards in raising money for the cure.  If you would like to keep updated with their journey across the country, like Zach and Sloan’s Facebook page: