Nancy Chambless

Our mother was a “Wonderfully Humane” lady who was well educated, a school teacher, a stellar mother and wife, a community servant, a follower of Christ, a church leader/elder, a choir member, a lifelong student of Christ & Carl Jung and ecumenical to say the least. She took leadership roles in Church Women United and Women of the Church to give voice to Christian women from around the world. Nancy served with her friend, Johnnie Carr, in the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. She was a founder of Aid to Inmate Mothers (AIM) to relieve the suffering of separation between women prisoners and their children while reducing recidivism. She was appointed, by Judge Frank M. Johnson, Jr., to the first “Bi-Racial Committee” during the integration of Montgomery’s City Schools. She was a founding member of the “Friendly Supper Club”, a simple act to break down racial barriers in Montgomery, AL. She had lifelong friends from her book club, garden club, and bridge club. Our delightful mother was always a cheerful servant and a wise counselor. She had an innate ability to see societal trends which were ungodly and had the heart to act to correct the err of our collective national, state, local, family, or worldly way. She had eyes to see need, even among the least of us, and the heart to do something to alleviate suffering, injustice, racism, and family breakdown. She was always positive. She was a constant part of the solutions. She would have considered her greatest achievement the founding of Aid to Inmate Mothers (AIM), which she described as “Wonderfully Humane”; and, that is what Nancy Chambless was. We wish to find, recognize and reward those who are “Wonderfully Humane” like Nancy Chambless.