Genomic Variant Calling and Data Management for the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund Alzheimer’s Genome Project™


Using a process of scalable, dedicated human genome sequence variant calling, the Hide laboratory proposes to generate and manage key data that are needed to better understand the relationships between human genome variants and Alzheimer’s disease (AD). The team will process sequenced genomes of thousands of subjects. This requires a combination of production workflows and careful data management. It is essential to ensure best practice and timely delivery of data about how each genome contains nucleotide variants (the genome code is made up of nucleotides that code for the functions of life). These variants have to be absolutely accurate, as they are key to subsequent successful determination of precisely which code is associated with each aspect of AD. This project initially will process data from approximately 3,264 AD subjects, and also reprocess (to update the data) variants from 1,393 AD subjects from a National Institute of Mental Health cohort. We expect to add more subjects as the project progresses.

Funding to Date



Foundational, Genetic Risk Factors


Winston Hide, Ph.D.

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