Norelle Wildburger, Ph.D.

Norelle is a postdoctoral fellow in the (Randall) Bateman Lab. She is leading a clinical study in a hospice population where participants are isotopically labeled prior to passing. The goal is to quantify neuronal metabolism, it’s correlation with tau tangles, and the half-life of amyloid plaques using SILK-SIMS imaging. In addition to this, she characterizes and quantifies pathologically relevant proteins in their intact state (i.e., Top-down) to characterize the full spectrum of proteoforms (all protein products of a single gene) in brain and cerebral spinal fluid.

Funded Research

These projects were made possible from Cure Alzheimer's Fund support.

Selected Publications

These published papers resulted from Cure Alzheimer’s Fund support.

Bateman, R. J., Mawuenyega, K. G., & Wildburger, N. C. The structure of amyloid-β dimers in Alzheimer’s disease brain: a step forward for oligomers, Brain, April 29, 2019, Read More

Wildburger, N. C., Esparza, T. J., LeDuc, R. D., Fellers, R. T., Thomas, P. M., Cairns, N. J., Kelleher, N. L., Bateman, R. J., & Brody, D. L. Diversity of amyloid-beta proteoforms in the Alzheimer’s disease brain, Scientific Reports, August 25, 2017, Read More

Esparza, T. J., Wildburger, N. C., Jiang, H., Gangolli, M., Cairns, N. J., Bateman, R. J., & Brody, D. L. Solble Amyloid-beta aggregates from human Alzheimr’s disease brains, Scientific Reports, December 5, 2016, Read More

Brody, D. L., Jiang, H., Wildburger, N., & Esparza, T. J. Non-canonical soluble amyloid beta aggregates and plaque buffering: controversies and future direction for target discovery in Alzheier’s disease., Alzheimer's Research & Therapy, August 17, 2017, Read More