Our Community

In Memory

What better way to pay your respect to your loved one than to give a life-affirming gift in their memory to research into the cause of Alzheimer’s disease? The bereavement need not be recent - entries can commemorate someone who died many years ago.

Our Heroes

Cure Alzheimer's Fund has raised over $33 million for Alzheimer's disease research — and we couldn't have done it without the support of amazing individuals like the ones featured here. Our Heroes are fundraising for us all over the globe by organizing everything from races to tournaments to concerts to benefit Cure Alzheimer's Fund.

Alan Arnette

On Alan Arnette’s 58th birthday, he and his team reached the summit of K2 in Pakistan—one of the most challenging mountains in the world. K2 is his latest feat in a tireless effort to raise awareness of and money for Alzheimer’s.

Robin and Gregg Gaskins

Robin and Gregg Gaskins both have a family history of Alzheimer’s. They run a family business, Express Oil Change and Service Center in Columbia, South Carolina, and wanted to do something to help fight the disease.

Ethan Lam and Kim Chan

Kim Chan has run several half marathons to benefit Cure Alzheimer's Fund. On October 12, her son Ethan, who is only 11 years old, joined her.

Katerina Sourgiadakis

Katerina wanted to honor her grandmother as part of her own birthday celebration. Instead of asking for gifts, Katerina hosted a Wiffle Ball game and asked her friends and family to donate at least $5 to play. Together they raised $550 for research.

Bryan Minks

Music has always had the power to heal, but Bryan Minks, 32, of Lexington, Kentucky, really brought that concept to life at SquallFest, an annual music festival.

Nicole Adena

Wanting to honor her grandmother, Nicole has chosen to create beautiful custom jewelry to not only adorn women of all ages, but to help raise Alzheimer’s awareness.