Help Us Stop Alzheimer’s

Posted December 20, 2011

Dear Friends,
For many years, Alzheimer’s disease research was stuck, and we set out to get it unstuck.
The drug pipeline was coming up dry, and researchers weren’t encouraged to think big or bold. Even the most prominent Alzheimer’s scientists were spending a third of their time filling out lengthy grant applications. Research funding was risk averse and slow to respond to new discoveries.
So we met with Harvard’s Rudy Tanzi—perhaps the world’s leading authority on Alzheimer’s genetic research—to talk about what could be done.
Out of that meeting came our small but influential foundation, Cure Alzheimer’s Fund. We have a plan to stop Alzheimer’s in 10 years, and we’re well on our way. Our “venture” approach to Alzheimer’s is, quite simply, to make the boldest and smartest bets in research, to cut through the red tape and to get answers.
How are we doing so far? In just seven years, our scientific consortium has an unparalleled track record. We’ve expanded the number of suspected Alzheimer’s genes from four confirmed to 124 likely candidates. Our work has been recognized by The Wall Street Journal, Time, NPR, CNN and the White House. And one of our star researchers, Steve Wagner from the University of California, San Diego, is now the focus of the radical new “Blueprint” drug discovery program at the National Institutes of Health.
You can help us stop Alzheimer’s. Every dollar donated to Cure Alzheimer’s Fund goes directly to research. That’s because our founders cover 100 percent of CAF’s administrative expenses. So not a cent goes to waste.
Bold choices. No red tape. Every penny straight to research.
Please join us.
Thanks for your consideration.