Alan Arnette

On Alan Arnette’s 58th birthday, July 27, he and his team reached the summit of K2 in Pakistan—one of the most challenging mountains in the world. K2 is his latest feat in a tireless effort to raise awareness of and money for Alzheimer’s. Having climbed dozens of mountains, including Everest, Alan has a seasoned perspective.

“K2 never relents. It never gives you a break. Just like being an Alzheimer’s caregiver, you are on 24/7,” he says.

His inspiration to climb K2 came from watching his mother, Ida, struggle with Alzheimer’s disease. “She did it with class, dignity and humor. Every time I felt weak—physically or mentally—during the climb, her strength and courage kept me going, as well as the millions going through the same struggle.”

Alan was the 18th American to summit K2 and the oldest. Instead of asking for presents when he reached the peak on his birthday, Alan asked everyone to make a donation to support Alzheimer’s research. It’s a birthday he’ll never forget.

Watch Alan’s video from the summit here.