Steve Kaneko

Microsoft created the Technical Recognition Awards in 2007 to recognize outstanding technical achievement and leadership within its community. The goal of the awards is to help the recipients further improve the world through charitable contributions made on their behalf.

This year, Steve Kaneko, age 52 of Seattle, partner design director at the company, won the award as part of a team. After researching several charities, Steve chose to donate $31,500 of his award to Cure Alzheimer’s Fund, because both his father and grandfather suffered from Alzheimer’s disease.

“When I was deciding which cause to donate to, Cure Alzheimer’s Fund really stood out,” said Steve. “Anyone who has experienced a loved one suffering with Alzheimer’s knows how difficult it can be, not just for that person but for those around them. I love that Cure Alzheimer’s Fund is taking an aggressive approach to finding a cure instead of just managing the disease. And I’m glad I could do my small part in helping this cause.”