Genes to Therapies (G2T), Alzheimer’s Disease Drug Discovery & Development (AD4) and General Scientific Support


Wilma Wasco, Ph.D., is responsible for the day-to-day organization of the G2T Centralized Research Core and the AD4 Consortium. Dr. Wasco routinely meets with Dr. Tanzi, Meg Smith and CureAlz staff to outline and discuss progress with timelines and investigations, model generation and budgets for both groups. In addition, Dr. Wasco is the point person for Taconic and all other commercial or academic contacts as well as for the investigators who have been and will be recruited to work on each gene. She also assists with the general CureAlz grant pipeline, and in that capacity attends and plans key scientific meetings. Dr. Wasco has longstanding expertise in Alzheimer’s disease genetic studies; she played a significant role in the original discovery of the presenilin genes and is familiar with the techniques that will be used for gene investigations.

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Wilma Wasco, Ph.D.