Response to Proposed 2018 Budget Reductions for NIH

Posted March 20, 2017

The release Thursday, March 16, of the President’s Fiscal Year 2018 Budget Blueprint is the first step in a long process. There will be many opportunities for Cure Alzheimer’s Fund to offer its expertise to the Trump Administration and Congress about the need for continued and increased funding of Alzheimer’s disease research and the value of public-private partnerships in defeating this disease.

Cure Alzheimer’s Fund is concerned about the proposed 18% decrease in funding for the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The early-stage research funded by Cure Alzheimer’s Fund often moves along the research pipeline to NIH for larger scale funding of advanced stages of research. A reduction in financial resources for NIH would stall the progress being made at a time when researchers are finally unlocking many of the secrets of the pathology of Alzheimer’s disease.

As we have in the past, Cure Alzheimer’s Fund will work closely with Congress to provide insights into the importance and effectiveness of the public (NIH)–private (CureAlz and other Alzheimer’s organizations) partnership that enables continued progress against the disease for the benefit of the millions of afflicted Alzheimer’s patients and their families.

For more information on the proposed cuts, see Science Magazine’s coverage here.