Venture! From the Chairman of the Board: Jeffrey Morby

Posted August 20, 2009

To capitalize on this rare “science moment” as Rudy (Tanzi) calls it, we are committed to focused, disciplined funding of targeted research which we refer to as the Venture approach. All of our Founders have strong business backgrounds, and two of us are long-time venture capitalists. We have all made careers from betting on people who rose to excellence and on providing the best resources available to help them achieve their potential. That is the approach we are bringing to Cure Alzheimer’s Fund.

We believe that by accelerating research that propels us along a path from genetic discovery to finding effective means for therapeutic intervention we will have a better chance to slow, stop or reverse this terrible disease than by supporting a broader array of basic or translational research projects. Members of our Research Consortium, Science Advisory Board, as well as our founders, board of directors and staff all have the same commitment to cure. Almost all of us have a personal connection to this disease that drove us here in the first place, so this is far more than an academic, business or “science project”. It is literally a life and death matter. And you know that.

So many of you have written to lend your support to what we are doing. Tim’s fundraising report shows a tremendous outpouring of good will from our “friends and families”. What it does not show are the notes of encouragement and compassion all of us have received as we begin this great adventure together.

With the stakes this high, we do not believe we can do “business as usual”. We must use our own resources and those entrusted to us by you and others to move this research along much faster than it would without us and to keep the focus on the goal of slowing, stopping or even reversing the effects of the disease.

Over 350 of you have joined us in this approach, and we are deeply grateful for your generosity and your confidence. We welcome those of you still considering to call or write to us for more information or discussion.