Welcome from the Board

Posted August 20, 2009

Jeffrey Morby

Jeffrey Morby, Chairman, Cure Alzheimer’s Fund

Welcome to the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund website. This is an auspicious time for accelerating Alzheimer’s disease research. More of us unfortunately are touched by this disease as friends, relatives and associates are afflicted. Additionally, as the “boomers” enter the most dangerous Alzheimer’s age range (60+), we threaten to swamp our already fragile healthcare system.

But, in this 100th year since the recognition of the disease, there is more hope for progress than ever before. A number of elements have combined right now for a great leap forward.

  • Thanks to the research into the human genome sponsored largely by the Broad Institute, scientists have the entire human genetic map at their disposal.
  • Because of the great strides forward in the development of gene identification technology from a small number of private companies, researchers can now work much more productively to identify the genes associated with specific diseases.
  • A revolution in genetic analysis software has now made it possible to untangle the complex genetic underpinnings of common late-onset forms of Alzheimer’s disease
  • A large and powerful set of families afflicted with late-onset Alzheimer’s disease have been collected for genetic research at Harvard/Mass General Hospital.

All this means that the practiced analytical skills of researchers who have compiled this data base can now be combined with the newly available knowledge from the human genome project through the use of the new technology to produce truly breakthrough genetic research.

We created this 501c3 foundation to pursue aggressively, resolutely, and exclusively a research roadmap to slow, stop or reverse Alzheimer’s Disease over the next 10 years. In fact, we believe that with focused funding, the genetic map for Alzheimer’s disease can be completed within the next 24 months, therefore allowing many more researchers to study the biochemical pathways associated with those genes to find more effective therapies than currently exist.

We hope that you will take the time to understand how we intend to go about this process by visiting the research section of this website, to review the credentials of our world class Research Consortium and Scientific Advisory Board and to learn about the other Founding Partners and members of our Board of Directors.

I encourage you to check back here to read about the progress we are making in reaching our milestones and we hope that we can engage you in helping us fight this deadly disease by contributing to the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund.

Sincerely yours,


Jeffrey Morby
Chairman, Cure Alzheimer’s Fund